Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Traven's latest health adventure

You'll note several things about the picture. First off, Traven is wearing a breathing treatment mask. That's never a good thing. Second, it's dark outside, I am dressed and T is still in his pajamas. That is a bit odd as well. Third, I'm wearing my Seahawks jersey, even though they have been out of the playoff picture for weeks.

As most of you know, at one month of age Traven spent a month in Primary Children's hospital battling whooping cough. He made it through, but the long term consequences were unknown. The plan was to see how things went. He actually had a pretty safe spring, summer and fall, and at least for my part I thought we were free and clear.

Around Christmas, T started showing symptoms of a cold. It kept getting worse, and when we took him on the 2nd of January, we found out he had pneumonia, plus a double ear infection. We love him, but he is by far the crankiest sick person you will ever meet. He can't sleep through the night - the poor guy is so congested and hurting. It has been an adventure in patience and sleep deprivation. I feel blessed to have a flexible job that allows me to work from home sometimes, so I've been able to help take care of him.

For the breathing treatments, he has been amazingly well behaved. We put on a movie for him - either on my laptop or on the tv. He love Little Einstens, and will just sit there the whole time for the treatment.

Hopefully, as he gets older, his body will strengthen and he will be able to stay a bit healthier. Either that or we are moving somewhere much warmer!

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Raeofshine77 said...

Hi-Sorry to hear Traven has been sick. We will keep him in our prayers. Loved your newsletter and picture, I can't beleive how fast your kids have grown. Love you all-Rachel