Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free Agency

I find myself in a familiar situation. Someone I know is making a horrible, life changing choice. How many times I have wished for the ability to force someone to make what I feel is the right decision!

What gives me solace is seeing my own life in the rear view mirror. I have made many mistakes. A few were indeed life altering. I have found myself in some dark places. But, would I change any of them? Would I want to lose the wisdom gained? Would I give up the strength those trials had forged upon me? Would I be the person I am today without them?

Our ability to be free and make our own choices is a tremendous gift. Do we all make mistakes? Yes. The important thing is learning to deal with the consequences.

The painful reality is that those we care about will make errors in judgement, and sometimes we reach the point where all we can do is watch the train wreck happen. We pray, we hope for the best.