Sunday, September 16, 2007

Traven Arrives!

On the night of August 26th, the birth mother called to say she was at the hospital in labor, and wanted us there. Lori and I headed up and arrived around 12:30 am. It ended up as a false alarm, and we made it back home, exhausted, around 4:30 am.

On the morning of August 29th, we heard back from her. Her water had broken - this time it was for real. We got up there in the early afternoon, and settled in for a long day and night. She was in labor, but making no progress. She dilated to a 4, and was stuck there for hours.

We decided to go downstairs at the hospital to a Subway and get dinner. We got our sandwiches and headed back up to the waiting room to eat. No sooner were we into our dinner than the birth mother's mother burst into the room. She said the baby was coming NOW! Within just a few minutes, he had arrived. Lori was in the room for the birth. I was pacing nervously outside. Finally I was able to go in and hold him. It was so weird. I had spent months telling myself not to let us get our hopes up. Now here he was, but nothing was official yet. Should I be excited or still guarded?

Friday morning we went up with the kids. They each took a turn holding him, then we left to let the biological family say their goodbyes. This was around 10:30 am. The bio mom could not sign the papers until 7:05 pm. It was the longest day of my life! We went shopping for baby things, went to lunch and did whatever we could to kill the time. It drug by very slowly. Our excitement was building, but we were still so nervous. Would she really go through with it, after having seen this wonderful newborn?

The social worker showed up a little late, and went in to meet with the bio mom. It was a gut wrenching time. Lori and I were so happy to have this baby come into our family. But at the same time, the bio family was there in tears. It was heart breaking for them. It was such a contrast. But finally, we were on our way home with a 1 day old son in the Suburban!

Traven has been very blessed thus far. I feel like our months of prayers and fasting really helped. The bio mom did not take good care of herself, and also smoked the whole pregnancy. But Traven is doing very well. He brings such a sweet spirit into our home. We all have been blessed by his presence. We are kinder and very happy. He is one spoiled baby already.

Two of Lori's friends in the ward gave her a baby shower. There was an impressive turnout. I think we have around 50 thank you cards to put out now!

He is a miracle, and we are so blessed to have him in the family.