Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, I put this web site in the family Christmas letter. I'm wondering if any family and friends will actually make it out here? If so, did you enjoy Traven's letter?

Out here in the cyber land, I can give you all the details on the family, and not incur additional ink, paper and postage costs!

I switched jobs from Novell to the LDS Church back in April. It has been a bumpy ride. I went from no structure to way too much structure. It takes an act of congress around this place to get anything done now. The layers of management are mind boggling, and there are too many people trying to build their own little kingdoms. Thankfully, I have some good buddies I work and commute with, so they help the pain somewhat. And all in all, I have found happiness in my new employment.

I've also really enjoyed my other jobs. Being a husband and father is awesome. I am definitely happiest with my family. I have also enjoyed working with the scouts and spending extra time with Jason. It'll be sad when he turns 14 and leaves the troop in May. I don't know if I'll be around when Traven hits the troop!

Lori still does some part time work for Kids Who Count. It works out well to help pay for Kaylee's tuition at BYU. Lori works when Kaylee can watch Traven. That way, we get the money coming in without putting T in day care.

Kaylee had a rocky summer semester at college, but is doing great now. It was a culture shock to go into those first year BYU classes where there are hundreds of students. She is in the groove now, though. She has also climbed the corporate ladder at Western Watts, and is pretty near the top of the office now.

Braden earned his Eagle award this year, despite the apparent goal of the local leaders trying to do everything they can to keep boys from getting it done. Ridiculous. I hate it when people focus on roles and rules and not on the end result. But I digress. That happens a lot.

Back to Braden - also completed the St. George marathon this year, participated on the track team and seems to just love life. He has learned some about dating - asking him about dating the twins if you see him. Oh, and Braden is in 11th grade at Maple Mountain High. And he works with Kaylee at Watts.

Jason was delighted to get a dog for his birthday. He spends a lot of time with Buddy. He played football again this year, and has the potential to dominate the line of scrimmage once he muscles up some more. Ok, he is already stronger than me, but that's not saying much. He is in 8th grade now, and doing awesome. If I could just get him to get his room clean!

Alyssa is the social butterfly of the family. Maybe that just comes with being a 6th grade girl? I get a lot of calls, asking if so-and-so can come over. She is a lot of fun. Her friends are amusing as well. Alyssa had two great soccer teams this last year, and is excited for basketball season. Speaking of which, I think this is the first time in 10 years I am not coaching! I am also WAY excited for the season, and to just be a loud, obnoxious parent and not a coach!

That leaves us with Traven. He is two, and is so much fun. He is also a great, big turkey! He can be loving one moment, then an absolute beast the next. He makes us all laugh, and I think he has made us all cry. Usually from pain. Man, that boy can use his head like a lethal weapon. He is an athletic wonder, loves to jump and run, and loves playing any type of ball.

Anyway, that's a bit more of the boring details on the life of the Elquist family!