Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My children have been on me about updating my blog. I don't know if they enjoy reading it, or if they perceive it as my homework. Either way, a posting is long overdue.

Recently, I went through a bit of a job hunting phase. It's a hobby of mine. I like seeing what is out there, updating my resume and practicing my interview skills. With the way the economy is tanking, I figure it's a good idea to be ready for disaster. Maybe my company gets bought by a larger company, maybe my job is moved to overseas - you just never know what might happen.

During this exercise, I was reminded how lucky and blessed I am with my current job. Sure, things might be a bit on the edge around here, but the pay is great, the amount of time off is higher than most other companies provide, the benefits package is competitive and the ability to work flexible hours is awesome. Throw my 12 mile commute on top of that, and I am sitting pretty. Besides, I had some friends recently laid off from here, and they received a pretty good severance package. I plan to ride out this personal Titanic to the bitter end. Someone has to turn off the lights.

I've also learned a lot recently about family and children. I'd just like to thank each of my children for not messing up their lives. I think in this area I have once again been blessed and lucky. They get good grades, they have good friends, they attend their church meetings and activities. They play sports, help out around the house and are willing to serve others when called upon to do so. They are sweet, caring individuals with a great deal of potential. They aren't perfect, but they are 5 of the best kids around. I think a lot of that has to do with their awesome mother, my wonderful wife. It's good to marry "up" and pick a good one!

We keep getting phone calls from a company seeking to recover loans from a certain family member. Watching this individual struggle with the burdens of excessive debt is a powerful lesson for all of us to avoid the pitfalls of borrowing more than we can afford. I realize most of us have mortgages and car loans, but the real killers seem to be the credit cards and, for this person, the pay day loan services. The amount of interest they charge is simply obscene. It's like organized crime simply decided to go legitimate and throw up bright centers on every street corner, just waiting for the next victim to arrive.

I guess overall I'd say we should each take a moment and realize the many blessings we have had given to us. It's a truly humbling experience when you realize how little you are able to control, and how much you must depend on divine blessings and influence. We truly are nothing without Him.