Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rex Lee Run 10k story

I thought you all might appreciate my racing duel with someone's's how it went down.

I'm running well Saturday. I'm running under 10 minute miles, even with the two big hills that we started with. I'm happy with myself. Then, at mile #4, I notice someone passing me on the right. He's hunched over, looks more like he's about to fall over, and appears to be 80 to me. He says something to me like "it sure is a long way", then off he goes.

Of course, I'm stunned. The fact that I'm running way back in the pack didn't matter - I was the man up to that point! But now, Grandpa is kicking my butt. I decide to be patient, rather than try to run him down now. But in my mind, I've decided it's a matter of life and to beat the old man.

He never pulls too far away. Grandpa and I are at about the same pace now. He's slightly ahead at mile #5. Yes, I'm watching him closely now. He doesn't know it, but I own him!

As we near the track, we mingle in with the slower, 5k racers. For some reason, everyone is running slowly on the sidewalk. I blow by them on the road. Grandpa is on the sidewalk, and once again I am the man! At least in my mind, anyway.

I'm on the track now, feeling good to be about done. As I round the last corner, Grandpa is kicking it into high gear and trying to pass me! I'll have none of that. I go into sprint mode, and reach the finish line before Grandpa! My first instinct is to talk some smack with the old man, but then I come to my senses.

Running is truly an interesting sport. Where else can you feel a sense of victory, when you narrowly avoid getting beat by a 69 year old man and finish 2nd to last in your age group?

Just for the record, I did set a PR, with a time of 1:00:18 on my watch! That's a sub 10 minute per mile average, which is a good pace for me!

Anyway, I hope my adventure at least puts a smile on your face for the day!