Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Goals for the New Year

This is the time of year when many of us pause for reflection and make goals to better ourselves during the coming year. I like this custom, and also believe in the rule that a goal not written and shared is simply a wish. So here, for all your reading pleasure / boredom, are some of my goals for this year!

1. Switch up my exercise routine. Honestly, my body has learned all it needs to know about my running routine. I need to add in some cross training and other activities to shake things up. Since a goal should be specific, let's make this one be run 3 times a week, strength train 3 times a week, and cross train twice a week. The running will consist of one speed workout, one hills workout and one distance run.

2. Step up my spiritual exercise. Let's make this one simple as well. I'll say 30 minutes of some sort of reading or research each day.

3. Family reading. This is another simple one. The goal will be 10 minutes a day of reading as a family.

4. Nutrition. Man, I love to eat. I love to eat way too much. I hate to get bogged down in details with this one, but I'll set a goal of one serving per meal and no late night snacks. If I can stick to this goal for a year, I will be amazed myself!

I think 4 simple goals shared with the world should be enough for me for 2009!

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