Monday, November 02, 2009

Things I've done at work that don't suck

Since I fear this will come up someday and I'll have to defend my work accomplishments, I am going to start jotting them down here so they are convenient to get to and I can update them on the fly.

1. Bundles 33 - 34. Went in faster than any other bundles / bi-monthly release ever has.
2. RAC. My project time line was awesome. I also worked to get a SOW from Quest for their Shareplex product.
3. Windows patching. I worked with the server team to get anti-virus software installed on our servers, and worked out a patching schedule with them. I also wrote a Windows script to be used to check if the job is running PeopleSoft jobs, then reboot it when it is free.
4. Monitoring. I worked to reduce some unneeded alerts we were getting, and also worked to set up some new ones for the database servers.
5. Phire. I stepped in and helped get the project done. I also worked to get the dev environment up and running with 4 VM instances.
6. Oracle security. Worked with Tony and others to research ways to lock our environment down more.
7. I have excelled at covering the duty phone, handling the remedy queue, etc.
8. As far as the training I went to, the others that have been to the same training did not come back with all sorts of ideas either. The class is what it is.