Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A New Perspective on the Morning Run

This morning, Braden and Jason were off to football early, and it was just Traven and I awake. I asked him if he wanted to go on my morning run, and he said yes. He did insist on staying in his pajamas and bringing Boo (his favorite blankie). I wasn't overly excited to be pushing about 40 extra pounds (that's T plus the stroller!), but thought he would enjoy himself. I also decided to leave off the music and just enjoy the morning.

I marveled at the many wonders Traven found in the morning. He made sure I saw each bird, and wanted to know where I thought they were going. He insisted we stop to talk to an older man out walking his two very small dogs. He took the time to pet the dogs and talk with the man. He talked to each runner we encountered, wanting to know where they were going. He was concerned that we were going much slower than most of the other runners. We stopped to watch some ducks cross the road and made sure they made it into the river. Of course, we stopped to examine the various cows and horses along the way as well.

Traven examined the nearby mountains, and thought we should climb to the tops of them. I told him we should do that someday when he was older. He enjoyed the shade, and made sure to tell me when it was "sunnin" and when it wasn't "sunnin".

We talked about each car that went past. We talked about colors and shapes. And in true Traven form, we made sure to talk about each different smell along the way.

It was probably my slowest 5 mile run to date, but it was also beautiful and wonderful. I hadn't realized the many wonderful things I routinely run by each day. I now have several new friends, who I'm sure will be disappointed if I am out running with Traven.

Thanks for the run buddy!