Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wow, a month has gone by!

It's been a month since the last posting to the most boring blog on the net. However, the kids are now back in school, and I will probably need to start tracking my son's clothes again!

I'm still running. I've already passed the 100 mile mark for this month, and am on course to put in 145 miles for the month of August. I ran in the Spanish Fork 10k race and in the Provo Canyon half marathon. I'm excited for the marathon in October!

I look forward also to next year, when I can spend more time fishing and camping and less time running. This year, the marathon preparation has pretty much consumed all of my spare time.

I have at least been able to grow a garden this year, and learned some valuable lessons. For instance, planting 10 squash plants might have been a bit much. I must have 20 squash on the kitchen counter right now. Also, I need to plant more peas. As fast as I can grow them, my wife eats them!