Thursday, February 05, 2009

Confusion of the Ordinary Man

I have many thoughts racing through my mind, and need to get them down and try to sort things out.

First, I should state I was not supportive of either of the major parties Presidential candidates in 2008. It saddened me that they both felt the same to me. When the one who campaigned on "change" was elected, I was terrified, but tried to be optimistic.

Now, it seems the change we are presented with is a growing national debt and an erosion of our liberties. Taxes are certain to go up, as we are crushed by a debt we cannot possibly pay back.

I see Bank of America, failing due to bad loans, being rescued by a multi billion dollar bailout, then told that the majority of that bailout money should go towards more loans. Huh? Isn't that what put them in a failing position in the first place?

I see "universal" health care has managed to creep into the bailout legislation. Ask anyone in Canada how well that has worked out for them.

Of course, the "green" movement / global warming paranoia is still being milked for all its worth. Have you heard about the smart power grid, with the all seeing smart chip? If that goes forward, the government will be able to see what you are using power for, and will be able to regulate how much you use. That's what I need. Someone telling me I can't have two TVs on in my house at one time.

We closed Gitmo, and are limiting how are military can interrogate and detain prisoners of war. I'm sorry, but if you are threatening to kill Americans, then I could care less what the military does with you. You go to war with us, you deserve what you get. How many of you are excited about having prisoners of war sitting in the continental United States, in prisons you and I pay for, being represented in our court system?

I don't know if any of you have checked into what is happening south of our border, but it is frightening. It seems to me Mexico is on the verge of collapse. Are we going to be bailing them out as well?

I haven't checked on the 2nd amendment lately, but I would assume it is in trouble as well. I also hear talk about infringements on our right to speak out on whatever subject we please. Nice.

I am just an ordinary, very simple man. But it seems to me that in a short amount of time, we are going to be taxed at an unreasonable rate, we will have our freedom of speech and our 2nd amendments rights either severely limited or removed. We will be told how we can use power and how much, and we will be told what medical treatments we may or may not receive. We will have terrorists sitting in our back yard, being fed and sheltered by our dollars. We will be saddled with a national debt that we cannot afford, and the very thing that drives the economy, businesses, will be controlled in large part by a government that does not appear to be expert in handling the management of finances.

How do we fix this? What can we do to stop this downward spiral in which we are caught? I really don't know. Many great societies have come and gone upon the earth. I hope our time is not up already.