Sunday, March 16, 2008

Making Traven eternal

As most of you reading this blog probably know or realize, I have some strong religous beliefs. One thing I truly believe in is the eternal nature of families.

On Saturday, we journeyed down to the Manti LDS temple to have Traven sealed into our eternal family. The temple workers were fantastic! They said they didn't get to help with this particular ordinance very often, so they were making the most of it. We were escorted around by several different people. There was a team of old grandmothers who watched the kids while Lori and I took care of some paperwork. They also helped the kids get changed into their white clothing. We felt at home and well attended the entire time.
The actual ceremony was short, but powerful. Now, Traven is officially a member of the family!
We had a lot of family and some friends there to witness the sealing. Missing from the above photo are Brian Anderson and Kandi Jensen. They slipped out before the photos!
To me, it just rings true that a family unit would have the ability to go on forever. There is so much love and such a strong bond in the family. Would a loving God really want that to end with death? I don't think so. That would mean He would provide us the ability to "eternalize" our families. A power that would seal in Heaven what is sealed on earth. The key then is to seek out these truths while on earth and embrace them.

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