Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Disney World Review

Well, I know I already have one Disney World post, but this one is more just general notes for me on things that worked and things that didn't.

1.  One sit down lunch was wonderful, something I'll be doing on all subsequent trips to Disney.  It took over an hour, but it was amazing.  Just sitting down, away from the crowds, in an air conditioned environment was energizing.  And enjoying something other than the typical burger or chicken sandwich was a nice change of pace.

2.  My Disney Experience, with FastPass+, was beyond cool.  I could book my fast passes before hand, so rather than bouncing around the park, we could be more organized.  I could see the wait times in the app and adjust my passes accordingly.  Shoot, the thing will work as a compass and take you to the nearest bathroom!

3.  The Magic Bands are genius.  Honestly, I still feel a bit naked not wearing one.  It was the key to our room, our entry to the park, and it controlled our Fast Pass entrances.  You can even set them up so you can pay with them.

4.  Did you know some of the lines at Disney World have built in time killers?  We waited 40 minutes for Pooh, but T played the entire time.  It worked really well.  And the line for Space Mountain has a giant video game.  I tell you, Disney is a well oiled machine.

5.  Staying on a Disney property has me spoiled.  I don't know if I can go back!  Not paying for parking should be taken into consideration.  $17 a day down there.  Wowzers.

6.  A backpack, with supplies such as a water bottle and snacks, worked well.  There were plenty of places to fill up the bottles, and staying hydrated is important.  I had those 99 cent rain ponchos in there as well, so when the rains came, we were prepared.  I also took some zip lock bags to hold my wallet and phone, and a pair of sandals for the water ride.

7.  I say this every time, but a down day is nice.  Our fifth day was very relaxing.  We spent just a few hours in Magic Kingdom, then shopped, swam and packed up for the return trip.

Well, that's it for this short entry.  Enjoy!

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