Monday, May 07, 2007

Wong rules!

We had a first this Saturday! One of our group finished in the top 3 for a division. Terry is now the proud holder of a 3rd place ribbon from the Canyon Elementary Ice Breaker 5k!

We started out at Canyon Elementary heading east. We looped over to 2300 East and started heading south. Terry and I could see the front of the pack at this point, since for some odd reason we were running a sub 8 minute mile at this point. I could see the leaders as they took a wrong turn and started heading the wrong way. If I had been able to catch my breath, I would have yelled at them. As it was, Terry and I sounded like a twin pair of steam engines, and raising my voice beyond a whisper was out of the question.

Only about 4 runners go the wrong way, and the rest of the pack is heading south still. We round the corner to turn west. About 100 yards from the 1.5 mile turnaround, the 4 wrong way runners pass us like we were standing still - I guess they noticed they were all alone and were trying to make up some lost time. Also at this point, the leaders pass us heading back.

Terry and I slow down a bit, but still are sub 9 minute miles. We coast in, finishing 22nd and 23rd overall. It was a cold day, but a lot of fun. My youngest daughter and nephew ran the 1 mile race. We hung around for the awards and drawings. They had a number of great prizes, and we walked out with a couple of them.

All in all, running in a smaller 5k race turned out to be a great time. And now Terry has a ribbon!

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