Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lessons Learned

After having completed the Top of Utah marathon yesterday, I have come to several conclusions:

1. Something magical happened on my first marathon, which allowed to be over 20 minutes faster on it than the other two. I think it is due to the fact that the 5 of us worked so hard, not missing a single day in the 18 week program. Also, we had no illnesses, injuries or even bad weather. It was truly a once in a lifetime event.

2. I simply am not meant to run marathons. I can run hard for around 15 miles, fight my way to do 4 - 5 more, then that's it. I hit the wall, and I simply have no more to give.

3. I look forward to doing more half marathons. There are so many available to try out. Plus, the training demand is not as high as preparing for a marathon.

4. For those of you who wish to run a marathon, I suggest following an 18 week program to the letter. There is wisdom in full preparation.

5. The elevation chart for Top of Utah has to be wrong. I swear we ran uphill for almost the last 12.2 miles. It was a hard course for me.

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