Tuesday, June 27, 2006

San Diego Marathon

It's been a few weeks, but the memories are still fresh. The San Diego Marathon was such a hard run for me. I think several things contributed to this disaster.

1. We went down to California on Tuesday. We spent two days at Universal Studios, and Saturday we spent at Sea World. It was so hot that day. I went into the marathon tired and not well rested.

2. I was unable to eat correctly, while vacationing with the family.

3. The humidity was a killer. The morning of the marathon it was 85 percent.

I ran a great first 16 miles. I was even ahead of my St. George pace. Then, I bonked like I had never bonked before. I ran/walked for a bit, then walked a lot. It was miserable. I just had nothing left to give. I ended up finishing in 5 hours 20 minutes, just glad to be alive.

The interesting thing is that my recovery has been faster than from St. George. You'll need to read the next two postings for the details.

Wong ran a great race, although he cramped up at the end. I think his time was better than St. George, but not what he had hoped for.

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